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Fandoms, ahhhhh, the center of all knowledge (about specific books/movie/shows/games anyway).

A dose of it could kill a fully-grown adult, but it is immensely addictive for teens and children. One who shall not touch it shall spite it, yet one who is not fully aged shall be consumed by it.

If one really wants to know, fandom is just another thing that will gobble up all your time without you realizing where it’s gone. Being a fangirl is demanding, especially when you browse Pinterest relentlessly for the perfect quote to describe your O.F.D (Obsessive Fangirl Disorder), or yammering in forums to defend your hopeless dreams in making your fan fiction come true. You will squeal when you see an image of your OTP coming up just about anywhere, and perform your happy dance in public when someone recognizes your fandom joke. You become just another weird human being, infested with mad giggling powers.

Unless you are willing to throw away your life into the fandom trash bin, don’t get involved. If you find yourself starting to understand a fangirl’s meaningless chatter, get away at all cost before you become one of us. But in case you want to learn the fangirl ways (an extremely foolish and risky thing to do), here’s your guide to fangirl speak:

OTP (often accompanied with several squeals): stands for 'One True Pairing', though one could have more than one OTP

Ship: short for relationship, when you think anyone, anyTHING looks cute together, you ship them.

Ship names: crazy nicknames fangirls give to their chosen ship (for example, Rock + Scissor = Rissor)

Canon: any event that happens in the original universe (something confirmed)

Fan fiction: the only thing fangirls read other than their "beloved squee-shey" (in this case, books). One might even cosplay fan fiction.

Head canon: fangirls writing crazy ideas in hope of one day the author will see it and make it canon.

The Author/Screenwriter/Developer: blood thirsty creatures that make fangirls' nightmares come true by making them canon.

I wish you the best of luck, and don't get eaten!

Mad Giggles,

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