Nina White, Part 1 - Mysterious Stranger

Standing at the window in the middle of the dimly lit corridor, a girl, about age twelve, stared into the darkness outside. The only light-source was coming from a street lamp about two meters down the road. Nina White sighed as she let her head sink into her hands. Nina was so deep in thought that she did not hear a door

open. "Hello?" A voice whispered, barely audible. "Hello?" The voice became strong and confident. Nina jumped. She looked around nervously. At the end of the corridor, she saw a black silhouette emerge from through the door. Nina panicked. Students were not allowed out of bed after curfew, but who was this stranger? Certainly not someone who Nina had seen before anywhere in the school.


During breakfast the next morning her friends were talking about the upcoming school dance, but Nina was looking all around the Grand Hall in hope of finding some clue about what she had seen last night. "Nina?... Nina!"


"Nina - You were ignoring us again. It’s like you don't care about us anymore. Day after day you sit in this hall, ignoring us and looking around as if hoping to find something new." Mercury moaned at her.

"Nina. Nothing new is ever gonna happen. We are stuck here whether we like it or not.” Merlin lowered his voice, “There’s no way out of this ‘Prison Cell.’ And thinking about it will only get us into trouble.”

"I know. I-I'm being ridiculous."

"Thank you!" Mercury sighed in relief.

The truth was though, these students had been captured for a reason. They were all exceptionally talented. Some gifted with magic, others with unique agility and so on and so forth. Nina, for instance, had been taken here on account of her ability to camouflage and/or become invisible. A neat trick she didn’t even know that she possessed yet. Just like all the other second year students, she still had to discover her talent.

Then there were other people like her friend, Mercury. Mercury came from, well, Mercury hence the name. At some point in the very near future, she would discover that she could produce fire or ice at will. Merlin, abandoned when he was only a tiny infant, had been the easiest for them to take. He was destined to become just an ordinary nerdy wizard. He had been practicing his magic for years, without actually knowing. Let’s just say there were a lot of ‘coincidences’ in his life…

Nina stood up and made her way to the exit. Halfway to the exit she stopped dead in her tracks. At the end of the hall was a person whose silhouette matched the one from last night exactly. But worst part was, Nina knew this person. And she knew them very well…

Tune in next week to get the next part of ‘Nina White: Discovering Talents’