Level 1- What's a fandom?

You: What's a fandom?

Us: Have you ever been so into a certain thing like, I don't know, cheese? Well you're part of the cheese fan club! Okay, maybe not cheese, but you get the idea. A fandom/fan club is a group of people who basically love (worship) a certain topic. Usually books/movies/bands-singers/games etc. Sometimes, they have nicknames they call themselves, such as: Potterheads (from the Harry Potter franchise); Initiates (from the Divergent series); Tributes (from The Hunger Games); Beyoncé's BeyHives and the Nintendo fans in Russia who call themselves the 'Marioboys'.

You: Ah okay, but what's the point of being in a fandom, anyways?

Us: Well, being in a fandom has many advantages and disadvantages. For starters, the main point is to collectively collaborate with people who share the same interests as you. You can do this easily by going on the Internet and checking out the many popular websites that are up specifically for typical fangirls and fanboys. Once you're on there, you can communicate freely and discuss your favorite topics. However, you may find that there some people in the community who are a bit, how do we put this... Obnoxious. They would 'kill' for their fan base and are a bit touchy if you get something wrong. Not only, there are also the annoying people who think they're, literally, 'one with

the series', role playing 24/7 and pumping out fan art like they're fan-printers. Seriously, these people can get a bit crazy sometimes. (Beware- do not offend, may result in serious damage).

You: Right... How do I be the good fan? Like, not weird or anything?

Us: Just be who you are, and keep reminding yourself you're actually in reality instead of the fictional world. Be sure to also focus on your life, rather than some fan base, because, and I hate to say it, these things can ruin your life. You wouldn't really see it coming. Unhealthy addictions are a problem in quite a few fan bases. Balance out your life, and stay focused on whatever's more important to your future.

You: Oh. Of course. Moving on, what fun things are there in a fan base?

Us: There are tons of quizzes, games, chat rooms and fan fictions out there for you. Just go and explore.

You: There's word on the street about something called OCs. What about OCs?

Us: We'll get to that next time, but for now, I'll just note down that OCs stand for original characters, basically ones you make yourself in reference to the fandom. Next on, Fandoms- OC's and Shipping. Be sure to stay tuned for the next part!

See you soon!

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