Paper Towns by John Green

Paper Towns may either stand out as the most hilarious book you've possibly read in years, or the most disappointing one you've read yet. The story goes as Quentin or 'Q' falls in love with his neighbour and childhood acquaintance Margo- it seems kind of like then typical cheesy high-school romance novel, doesn't it? Well, the story shifts as Margo goes missing and Quentin and his best friends go out on a risky journey to find her. With all the little clues she's left behind, and his determination, it may hit you that, the ones you love most may not love you back, or as the moral says, some things are worth sacrificing for something that is worth more. It's just really the typical road trip adventure John Green would write about, a bunch of friends together, messing around. But it would be no fun the spoil the whole story for you! I really recommend that you read it. I really enjoyed the humour, although it is a serious topic, the author has managed to fit in small bits that will make you smile or laugh. However, the ending, may be a little bit 'unexpected' as many see this as a stereotypical romance, happily ever after, they might not see it coming. But the content and style was really good, as many people enjoyed reading it too. I'd recommend ages 13+ as the content may be a bit age restricting. But ignoring that, I would give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5.