Extraordinary Means by Rob Schneider

Robyn Schneider's Extraordinary Means is a book about hope, miracles and second chances. The story is set in a time where there is no cure to TB, a highly contagious and deadly disease. Lane is one of the victims of this disease. We accompany Lane as he enter the Latham House, where people carrying the same disease live (and die), and enter his new life full of med sensors, rules and medical stuff. And of course, there is his (ex-)crush Sadie.

One thing I like about Extraordinary Means is that it is about a love story in a hopeless world, completely cut off by the normal world. Why is this so special? You may ask. Well, where there is love, there is hope. And hope is something that they didn't have. Another thing that really like about the book is that it isn't like the normal love story. They didn't go to a beach at sunset or watched a movie at the cinema together. Instead they were trapped in a house while being aware than anyone could suddenly fall asleep and never wake up at any moment. I would recommend this book to teens (about 11-18) and I would give it a rating of 3 out of 5.

Book review of the Book Phoenix. :)