How The Internet is Changing Our Lives

Wechat pay, online shopping, mobiles... China is becoming more and more advanced technologically. The "Internet" is starting to change our lives, making it easier with every step.

You may be familiar with the online shopping site, Taobao. Buying from Taobao means that getting what you want is cheap and easy, providing you don't mind that it is made in China. From food to electronics, Taobao offers everything and anything that could fit into a box. After you have ordered your item from the online shop, the money you've paid will be stored in Alipay (a third person website) and will then will be transferred to the shop owner, after you have received your item.

Unless you are living in the Himalayas, you could not possibly not know what Wechat is; the Chinese version of WhatsApp and Facebook. Wechat extends beyond both of these platforms because with Tenpay QR code incorporated into your Wechat wallet, you are able to pay even without your physical wallet. Alipay also has its own app for paying, but either one brings much convenience to life in China.

About two years ago, a taxi calling app came into life like a hurricane, sweeping all over China like a frenzy. Many cab calling apps competed for money and popularity, putting out award policies for the drivers that join them. It was only after a bloody battle that DiDi ChuXing(滴滴出行) has claimed its position as the winner of the fight. Now whenever you need a car, DiDi Chuxing is the way to call it at the press of a button.

If you prefer the healthier option of taking some exercise, recently, riding loan bikes has became a trend in the cities, as these bikes are cheap and plentiful. You only need to pay a loan to the bike company, which could be refunded at any time, and ride around the city. The popular Mobikes has a paying policy of ¥2 per hour, whilst others mostly has a paying policy of ¥1 per hour.

Ultimately, these inventions have benefited our life and I sincerely hope more ingenuity like this will appear in the future. Do you know of an internet invention that is driving China forward? Let us know at BSGTimes... Click here