Starting the Shorts

Hi I am Tavleen from Normans. I'm reporting for year 7.

We are still making shorts for Oscar. We have Already finished the sports outfit for Akimi. These are the shorts we made, which kind of look weird.

Training the models for catwalk

We started training the models (only girls) everyone is still making shorts for the boys and I think it's going good. Oscar still needs training!

I think Akimi is learning everything fast and good. Akimi (our female model) is trying very hard to learn her catwalk and even her dress suits her.

Everyone is working hard to make Oscar's shorts .

We even made glitter Pom Pom which Akimi will hold for fashion show ( and the people standing in the photo are Celina and Yan). While making the Pom Pom my friends and I covered ourselves in glitter and now we even started making the shoes for our models.

And this is the rubbish we made today.

We even decided to make are logo for the theme Angels inspired by hope.

And these are the sandals we are making.

And right now we were training the commentators and the models.

And this the final sports outfit for Oscar and you can see a N with wings that's are logo for angels inspired by the theme hope.