Saxons Super Sportswear!

What on 🌏 were the saxons doing?

Here's an update to what the saxons house were doing:

Our fellow musicians, Minjun, Hoya, Jun and Tim are working exceptionally well with our catwalk choreographers, Kailey and Julie, in an attempt to find the best fitting song along with a suitable dance move for our models, Jerry and Joanna. They have decided to use "Scorpion" and "Sober" as our main catwalk theme, but it may change in the future.

The outfit makers are working really well. They are observing the designs very closely, trying to make every small detail in the designs sketched by designers. The male costume designers have nearly finished the sports top, and already started to make the shorts. The female's design is rather simple, sports bra and shorts, but they are well designed and decorated. The accessory makers has really good artistic skills, and have surprisingly made a Nike cap for the female model already. One of our designers, Aarav, commented on this: "We have got some creative ideas in this classroom. I am really happy about it."

Sam and Audrey, our commentators, had made a script for commentating. "I like this job because I am talkative and it is a fun job," says Sam. This shows our young commentator's confidence in speaking. Sam and Audrey worked together and finished the script hastily, and had moved on to helping with making the outfits. This shows our teammate's enthusiasm and they are contributing to the project.

In conclusion, the Saxon house was working really well as a team β€” barely any arguments and working very efficiently. The outfits were well made and the catwalk choreographers had taken a lot into consideration, to hopefully create the perfect moves for the models.