Normans Day One

After the house meeting with the teachers,we went to our house base and we decided on which role we are doing. We then checked on what materials do we have that are able to be used. After break, some of us were designing on the outfit of what to wear for the fashion show while some were getting ready for the presentation. The rest of us were thinking of some ideas for the fashion show. We were also deciding on what song to choose for the fashion show.

Our theme for the year nine fashion show is the angle and the devil. We think that the angles are beautiful and kind, like the Earth before human existed, and the devils are like humans who are polluting the Earth. After we deigned finished we started to make the outfit for the models. We started by drawing things and cutting them out as pieces. Meanwhile some people are practicing for the fashion show. After lunch, we continued to make the outfit and we still keep on practicing for the fashion show.