Norman Progress

Hi I am Tavleen Kaur from Normans . We started by dividing the jobs and we did it. After break we started doing the planing of the sports outfits for fashion show and I think we are going well and this is the list of people doing jobs.

Our models are Akimi and Oscar. Everyone is working very hard to win the fashion show. Everyone is doing their work properly like finding the music , drawing the sketch, etc. The teachers and the house captains are making things easy and nice. Sophia and Alisha are helping the captains.

The girls are helping the boys to make their design and the boys started thinking on how can they make the sports outfit.

And the girls outfit is ready. I think the Normans will win. The numbers on the top of the drawing is their size so it is not tight or lose. Even the boys are working hard for the competition.

East or west Normans are the best. And I think after few minutes boys design will be finished.

And this is the mess we made...

And the girls are making accessories .

What do you think will we lose or win. Go Normans!

Making the dresses

We started making are sports costume and it looks like this. I should actually say that we are finished .

Everything is going well, ( I guess ) everyone is working very hard , even the years 8 and 9 are working hard.

We even made some collages for our topic Angels inspired by hope. This is for today.

Hope we could do better tomorrow.