Day 1 - Goooooo Romans!

December 15, 2016

On the first day of challenge, BSG Times present ... the Romans working like ants!


The time has came, the KS3 challenge. As a Year 7, I have to say I am truly mystified about the whole idea.


However, I'll have to say the Romans performed wonderfully through out the day - even the clueless Year 7s!


The day kicked off as we arrived into the canteen. Romans and Saxons tied by 3 points, but settled with Sabrina's expert scissor paper rock skills. In the end, every house went back to their house bases to get a move on.



Some of our Romans working hard!


This year's theme is recycled clothing, an eco-friendly type of clothing that is becoming more popular. We quickly filled in the jobs and got started. The final draft for our girl clothing was a cropped tank top made out of cotton, completed with a newspaper shorts and tennis ball. At last we were satisfied and started making our recycled clothes.



Scarlet, in her beautiful top.






The day went like a blur as everyone worked hard towards their final goal. Some snapshots show that the others from our house were working hard too!




We ended the day with a final cheer, hope you enjoyed it!



 - Nicole Xie, BSG Times Junior Editor

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