Recycling is the New Fashion - Day 1

This week in BSG, KS3 has been working on a special project- to make clothing out of recycled materials. Viking's year 7 clothing theme is 'sports wear', We quickly set off to work. Our recycled materials included plastic bags, egg containers and newspaper.

On our first day, Vikings gathered all the materials and sketched the draft of the outfit. This was a challenge for us since we could only use recycled materials and there was a limited amount of it. We chose our models, they were Amanda and Boyuan. We also chose our music 'Time Lapse' by Fat Rat.

Kelly drawing a sketch

Everybody had different jobs to do such as creative designers, key outfit makers, fashion show catwalk choreographers, catwalk models, media correspondents, fashion show commentators and key accessory makers. After we'd decided the jobs for everyone we all quickly set off to work.