KS3 Challenge - Recycled Clothes!

Day 1:


It's the start of a brand new day, with a new challenge ahead. So far, the Y8 Normans have assigned each other with jobs.

  • Joshua (me) and William as the Media

  • William as the Head Coordinator of Y8

  • Harsh and Crystal as the Models

  • Aaryan as the Tutor of the Models

  • Mabel and Aaryan as the Commentators

  • Mabel, Crystal and Tony as the Head Designers

  • Mabel, Crystal and Harsh as Song Chooser for the presentation

  • Everybody as the Fabricators

That's a lot of jobs! Some of the Y8s had to have more than one job due to low numbers, but I'm sure we will make it to the end! For starters, everyone is trying to find the perfect design for our models. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Aaryan are finding the perfect music for the event. Everything is going smoothly and, so far, no problems have erupted. Hope we will win!

The Head Designers were able to create and idea of what the models will be wearing. Their theme is 'Angels', which is pretty far fetched for casual wear, but I'm sure that it will look good at the end! Now, they have started to work on the clothes, taking scraps from newspapers and pages from magazines.

With the materials found, they started to make the clothes and fit them on the models. It looks like everybody's contributing! Stuff look pretty good as Harsh and Crystal are being fitted with loads of materials and things that look like clothes. This morning has been action packed-ish!


Everyone's tired from lunch, but still working hard! The clothes are being made by almost everyone on the team. Talking could be heard everywhere, and it's not chatting! Everyone's pretty busy, so I'm not going to disturb... Anyway, there are loads of stuff, everywhere. Newspaper, glue and other recycled stuff are scattered on the table while the Y8 team sort out the clothes. Very, very, very busy indeed!

Some of the clothes are starting to look like clothes. Well, real clothes anyway... Crystal is starting to have some recycled clothes on her, while Harsh hasn't got anything on him but there is clothes being made for him. Development is shown pretty much everywhere! (if you think about it...) Very organized...