Saxons Day 1

December 14, 2016

Today the year 8 Saxons have accomplished many aspects of the KS3 challenge 2016. Firstly, the designs of the recycled outfits are done and the in-making casual clothes are nearly half-way completed for both girl and boy. The year 8s have been very working hard throughout the first day, they also have been very organised and went straight on to there work with no hesitation! (Once they've been assigned there jobs, of course!). One incredible thing that Saxons are doing is encouraging there team mates! If anyone in Saxons is feeling down they are always encouraged to continue doing more- and everyone is contributing to their jobs nicely!


Here are photos of today's hard work:




 Strutting their stuff - they know they're ahead of the game... 



Let the shoe making begin! 



Designing and making the products begins very quickly - got to be efficient!




Getting fitted for the perfect costume... 





Hugh's amazing creation... 


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