Badminton Showdown!

With the presence of a badminton tournament, students from Year 7 all the way through to Sixth Form have shown a keen interest toward it, and willingly spent their lunch times participating in this event. Even though it is unfair that boys and girls are competing together, the girls have been coming out strong trying to rebel against the stereotypes to the best of their ability. Currently, although the contest has only gone on for one month, everyone put in their best effort and in the end everyone had fun and achieved great results.

However, we mustn’t forget to thank all of the staff who arranged all of the matches – Mr P and a few members of the PE department (Frank and Tracy) - who were willing to spend their lunch times to help set up the courts. Without them, this would only be an idea, simply a concept that was created by the students. Therefore, I would like to bring special attention to them as well as all of the participants!

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