School Change Trauma

When my mother announced that I would be changing schools, I was quite shocked. Shocked by the fact that I would be suddenly changing schools after being in AISG for six years. I was furious at first, not understanding why I had to change schools. I was so shaken that I even cried for a long while; I kind of had a mini break down. Yelling and screaming nonsense. But after some time, I realised I had no choice but to accept the fact, as it was suddenly pounced upon me. I thought my life was over and that my mom hated me. But after calming down, I realized it wasn't that bad of an idea after all, and there was no harm in giving it a shot. 'It will be a good experience for me.' That's what I kept telling myself until I finally believed it...

On the first day of school, I was a nervous wreck. I was awkwardness itself and sitting by myself on the bus. I kept checking everything over and over again. Making sure that I had my uniform on right. As I fidgeted, I wondered if I would fit in or if I would make any friends; the usual terrifying 'yes or no' questions of a new student. Due to the rumors passing around AISG, I thought BSG students would be stuck up and full of themselves, but in the end I was totally wrong. Right now I find it hilarious how I broke down and believed in the rumors. I also think it's very interesting how your first impression of one person could be so different from their real personality. For example, I though one of my friends was a 'mean girl', but in the end I was completely wrong. I hit it off with my friend on the first day. Our interests are quite different, but we somehow became friends. Throughout the next two weeks I met many other students. Some stuck with me and some came and went. Eventually, two became a group of six. We had fun together and had a lot of things to talk about. I'm really glad I found those five and that the teachers were so kind and helpful.

So far, school life has been fun and interesting. There are many differences between AISG and BSG, so there were some things that I had to get used to, but that's just a small problem. I've also noticed that the grading system is very different than AISG, so sometimes I get a bit confused, but I have amazing classmates that help me. Classes are a little bit hard sometimes, but that's just part of school life. School is there for you to learn and challenge yourself.

In the end, my impression of this experience was... positive. Changing schools can be scary, traumatizing, nerve-wracking and lonely. But in every school there are at least one person who will be there for you and to help you. There will also be those amazing, nice and experienced teachers. They will be there for you and listen to you if you need it. Don't worry, change is inevitable and terrifying, but I believe humans are capable of taking on change and fitting in. (Unless, you don't make the move first - Never wait for people to go to you, when you do, no one will come.) A person has to be independent, but it is ok to rely on someone once in a while. I mean, what're friends, parents and teachers for?