Pet-tastic Advice

Should you get a pet?

Have you ever gone home after seeing your dream pet, then walked into your room wishing you could be that lucky fellow who owns it. Sure, pets are cute and amazing, with their adorable behaviors that makes you smile... You might even have stroked or petted your friend’s little pet before, but owning one? It is an entire different matter.


First, think what you are about to do. Owning a pet can be a stressful thing, as the responsibilities are heavy. Think if you are truly ready to accommodate your pet’s every whiny needs, not to mention for a decade or so. You need to be committed to pour your time into exercise and medical care, with enough time to socialize and make friends with your pet. If you are going to get a pet only to dump it in the streets or at home when you lose interest, don’t get one! It’s a tremendous effort to keep your pet happy and do your work. There is no expiry date on a pet, so if you are not prepared and committed, don’t get one.


Now that you are committed to getting a pet, you need to invest time and effort into it. There is really no point in getting a pet, only to leave it in the care of your parent’s arms. You might cuddle it or play with it, but it won’t love you. Create time to socialize and play with your pet, along with taking it out for a walk. Go on adventures with your pet, take it out to meet new people and other animals. Companionship is what bonds us together, and if you didn’t invest time into it, it won’t form.


If anything happens, be prepared for it. Expect at least one medical emergency in the decade of owning your pet, and pack an evacuation kit in case of it. Whenever you feel like you can no longer care for your pet, make proper arrangements without ditching your pet at the side of the road. Consult a veterinarian if you feel there is a decline in your pet’s quality of life and make appropriate decisions. Be responsible for your pet’s health, and be prepared for any bad news... as well as the cost of this.


If loving your pet wasn’t even on your checklist of getting a pet, you are all the way back to square minus one with “Don’t even think about it!”. Your pet needs warmth and affection to stay mentally healthy, and without that, your pet will be filled with hatred and distrust for humans. It craves your attention and love and will respond to you if you show it. To them, you are the center of the universe (except for cats). They trust and rely on you for absolutely everything. Don’t let them down!

A pet isn’t something you throw away when you are done playing with it; it requires time and effort and a huge responsibility. Personally, I would suggest if you can’t fulfill the requirements I mentioned above, don’t get one. If one pet is for every little kid who just want some fun with animals, the world would have a lot more stray dogs and cats. Don’t let that become reality. Keep your pet, love your pet.

By Nicole Xie and her lovely big dog, Sammy