Cyber Bullying

The Internet is not as safe as many of us think. It's a unknowingly harmful place- although it may look like fun and games at first. Many children-especially developing adolescents- are effected greatly by the consequences of cyber bullying. A form of bullying that takes place on the Internet, mostly on social media. Many lives were taken from social media and still we lack making a difference, causing more innocent lives to suffer. We must make a change in our actions now, YOU can change lives.

Our main concern is social media- this includes the use of rude comments; hateful remarks; inappropriate names; offensive posts and impolite language. An average person has about five social media accounts and spend about 1 hour 40 minutes in social media. These social media includes: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google +, Snapchat, Whatsapp and WeChat. Most people don't realize that cyber bullying is actually a very dangerous cause- this sometimes can lead to suicides in extreme cases. They don't know this because they simply have not experienced it.

You, as an individual, can stop it. There are many ways to prevent cyber bullies before they get worse.

1. You can block them. Most social media sites have the option to block or 'mute' other people. This comes in handy whenever some cyber bully is pestering you. You can simply block them- you won't have to hear from them ever again! This also gives you the opportunity to get time without them- and once you settle things, you can unblock them.

2. You can report them. Again, most social media sites also have the option to report other users. This makes them temporarily or permanently 'banned' after they are checked over for inappropriate or offensive behavior. This can prevent cyber bullies from ever bullying others online. It acts as a punishment for their inferior actions.

3. Talk to them. Chat rooms are available in most social media sites. Have a go and talk to them. You need them to know how you feel- that's the only way they will understand the consequences of their actions. In addition most cyber bullies are just other people trying to make themselves feel better or they just want to make a joke. Remember, cyber bullies are also human, and after they realize what they've done, they won't do it again. Keep in mind, this doesn't always work- since some cyber bullies do it on purpose to hurt your feelings. You need to find out why.

4. Team up with friends. You probably have other friends on social media. They can help protect you from cyber bullies- if they're loyal and confident- they'll stand up for you and the cyber bully won't bully you. After all, they are the ones who will be there for you and, unlike the bullies, will not try hurt you in any way. They can tell that all the hurtful comments are either completely false or very, very exaggerated. The comments were never true, you just need someone to tell you that.

You might want to spot the cyber bullies before they go too far. Here is how to spot a cyber bully:

- They leave nasty comments on your posts/account.

- They use inappropriate language.

- They sometimes break site rules.

- They can be found arguing with other users.

- They target unconfident people with weaker defenses.

- They hurt other's feelings.

Here's a message to cyber bullies:

Wether you do it on purpose or do it unknowingly, it is bad to do so. Every day many social media users fall to depression because of what cyber bullies have done- the mean comments, the hateful chat messages, the inappropriate language and the upsetting and offensive posts, and many lives were threatened by your hurtful comments. Whether you have a reason to do that or not....

Stop it.

In conclusion, to all victims of cyber bullying, please stand up to your problems. Face your bullies- confront them and stay strong. To stay safe- never give out personal information of yourself or other people to strangers. Don't add random people on social media sites unless it's the point of the whole website. If nothing helps- delete your account. It's not worth the pain, besides, there are many other sites which are more safe and free: but no sites is completely safe. Your safety is in your own hands, be careful what you say and do on social media. Don't care what the comments say. They're not your friends or family and they can't judge you without knowing you first. If this cyber bully is someone you know at school, contact friends or family. There is always someone who will help you. And remember: Sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt you.

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