Creating Community in Tanzania

The Tanzania presentation was great! The breath-taking excitement we felt from the great scenery, wildlife adventures and the safari are all reflected in our eyes, even if it was just 2D pictures projected on a screen. Chatters of delights reverberated across the common room, until…


"We need to make a list of what we need to buy for the Swimming Gala, more specifically, what we will be selling ASAP!" While my group discussed logistics, pricings and our estimated net profits, bizarre ideas from another group caught my attention. "How about shaving our legs to raise funds?"

Yes, it sounds odd but there is a very valid reason.

On the day we were told to raise $300 (2000RMB) each for our trip to Tanzania, I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. In my mind, I was screaming and shocked about the huge amount of money we had to raise for each individual. Silence drowned the room, until Mr Hallas suggested, kindly, ‘Let’s not have a bake sale again.’

My group was in charge of the charity sales for Swimming Gala and it was only a week away. We had discussions, debate and suggestions among the members and finally reached a conclusion. I was responsible for ordering the goods and communicating with teachers to ensure all our needs, including the gazebos, stands, tables etc, were fulfilled before the day.

The day of the Swimming Gala arrived and it was our time to put on our ‘salesman’s hat’. To be honest, I thought it would take quite a while for the sales to pick up, but that was not the case. In just one hour, our 100 packs of Lays were all sold out; ice-lollies and the drinks were selling great too. We even reached the stage where some of the team had to walk out of school to replenish and fill the empty tables.

Overall, selling was indeed a bit hectic, especially when the ice-lollies are available…but as this was my first time organising such events, I personally enjoyed it very much!

Thank you very much to everyone who have contributed in organising the event and to everyone who visited our stall!