The Last Few Weeks...

Probably some of the most annoying parts of my life was the last few weeks. First, Mother's Day was a disaster, the food... I'm not gonna name the place we went because I don't wanna ruin their business *cough* Sofitel. They appeared to have taken the previous buffet's chicken, recooked it and served it to my mom. Also, we ordered a mozzarella salad, and the waitress gave us hot sauce for it, the cap flew into the salad, that's fine it was just an accident, but using your bare hands to mop it up and pick out the cap...? it's just 😖😑, I mean ewwww.

Second, Friday the 13th. I don't really believe in all the bad stuff that's supposed to happen on Friday the 13th but IT HAPPENED: I got a sunstroke from the week and a high fever... In case you don't know sunstroke happens when you get sunburn. I literally started to produce heat fumes with my skin, like ow!

Third, I came home from 番禺 the other day and it usually takes and hour... But the uber driver was so...😱 when he started driving I just started screaming like a five year old kid in a movie, he was speeding and stopping in Random moments of the ride... The ride took 12 MINUTES!!!!! AND USUALLY IT TAKES AN HOUR...!😳 But I survived and 😅( yes there is more) the uber ride costed us 120¥... He charged ... US EXTRA!!

I'm going to produce a vlog really soon about a haul and everything crazy that has happened sooooooooo... STAY TUNED!