My Dream KS3 Challenge!

My key stage 3 challenge

We've just encountered yet another key stage three challenge. Yes we did have fun and yes we did experience some... Say... Struggles... Whilst learning the choreo, #dabbing, #bodyroll, #TheRobot etc. But... However, I came up with some dream key stage 3 challenges!...

1) We could spend 1 day making BSG cake. This challenge would be separated into yr7, yr8 and yr9. Each person would get a different job like... Say.... Putting the ingredients together. Flavour combinations, designing frosting/looks/patterns/presentations etc. The ratings would be out of looks, neatness, do the colours work and did everyone participate.... And of course, taste!

2) We could spend 3 days making the biggest pizza. this would be a house challenge with all year groups working together. The house with the biggest pizza at the end of a day would win. The pizza would be rated on looks, size, taste and participation.

3) We could create a 3 minute jazz dance, and we had to make the song. This would be split up into different year groups and then at the end, all come together. The things that would have to be included would be an element of gymnastics, floor work and jazz. Hip-hop would also be accepted. We would have 3 days to make a 3 minute dance and a 3 minute song. It would be rated on sync, participation and timing. The rules would be if it's 10 seconds under of over 3 minutes you would be disqualified.

4) We could try and break a Guinness world record of our choice. For example, as many watermelons eaten in one minute, or as many baskets scored in one minute. Of course for junior standard. The rules would be: try not to kill yourself, be realistic and, (try something else other than sword swallowing) you actually have to break it. This is yr7-9 standard... Not adult.

5) We could have a giant blank canvas, and have 1 day to paint a picture of what we think of BSG. Additionally, we would have to all have a part in the painting, and include at least 25 word that describe BSG. So for example, Wonderful, Welcoming, Enjoyable etc. It would be rated on looks, entertainment, participation and it being finished.

All of these... I would love for them to be my next Key Stage 3 Challenge! 😏