KS3 challenge: What do I think?

As you all know, the KS3 challenge was hosted quite recently, and here is my opinion of it.

This KS3 challenge I feel, has been very engaging, productive, educative, and most importantly enjoyable. Especially so in comparison with last year when I was a Year 6 student, where in we were passively involved in a challenge where we did not do much.

On the other hand, this year, each house was split into three groups: Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9. I feel this was a good decision because the older students did not have control over the Year 7s. Since we were left alone, we had the opportunity to take up a leadership role allowing us lead and help the other year 7s in our house get on with the task.

The task was to teach one of the Year 6 class about The Paralympics. This challenge enabled and caused us to make our own decisions, in turn helping the Year 7s gain confidence and independence. We now know that we can tap up any challenge of we put our mind to it.

Furthermore - thanks to this task - we did absolutely fine and would you believe it, the SAXONS WON!!!! We all deserve a pat on our backs. Congratulations! Well done Saxons!