Normans Final Day

Day 3: Mornin'

As the day starts, the Norms split into two groups: one will practice their performance and the other will continue to make the props.

(The Normans get some fresh air. Well, fresher air.)

At least they get to go outside!

(One part of the ceremony. Don't know why they're in a line...)

(Don't worry, they're just resting. I think.)

From what I can see and hear, they are having a difficult time trying to actually rehearse the ceremony, but they'll get there. Maybe after the learn that all the time they have to rehearse is the whole morning before break...

(See, they're back in business! Hope they succeed!)

There are some who obey...

And there are some who don't care about the ceremony and don't do anything... (couldn't find anyone who isn't doing anything. This really shows how the Normans do it!)

(They are so hard working...)

I'm just going to leave them to practice for the ceremony, 'cause if I take more photos, it's just going to be the Normans either dancing or rehearsing. Hope they will be successful after break! (Which is when they have to do the closing ceremony. NOT THAT FAR FROM NOW, HUH...)

And now, for the weather:

('The weather today is quite nice. Cloudy with no chances of rain. Maybe. Temperature is quite warm, maybe about 30-35*C. Overall, nice day today!')

Hope we win the KS3 Challenge!!!

(Of course we will.)


The countless seconds tick by as the Normans rush to rehearse their final rehearsal. They try their best to rehearse properly, while trying to do it as fast as they can.

(Final rehearsal pict. Are you feeling the tension?)

This is it. They have rehearsed and made all of the things they need for the closing ceremony, but they still have one thing they still have to do: conquer the feeling of stage fright. (Scary!) However, I do have the feeling that they'll be alright. Maybe...

(The stage. Quite big for a performance, huh?)

First starts the Vikings, the Yellow Bananas.

(Just look at all of the yellow shirts.)

Next, it's US. The Normans. It went quite well, except that it went what I didn't expect. There were less organized than before, but other than that, it went great! I don't know about the judges though...

Then, it's the Saxons...

And finally, it's the Romans...

It's been a long ceremony showing assembly, so all of the houses had a hearty lunch!

Day 3: Results

This is it. The time when the Norms know who's won the KS3 Challenge. To summarize the results, the Blues won... (It was kind of obvious...)

In conclusion, this is when the KS3 Challenge ends. It's has been a wonderful 3 day challenge, although I was stressed through out the days! I will miss the event and I'll just have to wait for next year...

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KS3 Challenge ENDS...