Healthy Life Style

'Healthy life style' - a common phrase that often comes across our ears, has a considerably large impact on our health and emotions. If a person does not have a healthy life style, he will not have a good shape or possibly live a long life. If a person is overweight, he tends to be grumpier and have more health problems than the ones who have healthy life style. If you want to be fit and have a good body shape, having a healthy life style is definitely important. Therefore, I would like to share 3 main ways of getting a healthy life style with you guys:


Doing exercise more often is certainly better for your body because doing exercises can make your blood circulate around the whole body more easily and quickly. It can also prevent obesity as it consumes the excess calories you obtain from food. This means that doing exercises can make you fit and avoid being fat. According to my research, the ones who don’t do exercise are more likely to have health problems than the ones who do sports/exercises. It also says that sporty people are less likely to be depressed or have hypochondria. Therefore, doing exercises is relatively significant in our life. Cycling, tennis, running, swimming are the sports that I’d like to recommend.


The second most important thing is diet. A constantly unhealthy diet can cause lots of health problems, such as diabetes, heart attack and also obesity. If I person eats too much sugar, his/her pancreas cannot produce sufficient insulin to balance the blood glucose level. As a result of that, that person would be more likely to get diabetes if he kept eating excess sugar. Excess fats cause heart attacks because there are too many fatty acid stuck in the arteries. This means that heart cannot pump the blood around the body efficiently, which causes heart attacks. Eating too much food can also causes obesity as the consumption of calories higher than those burned. A healthy diet is usually eating lots of vegetables, fruits, drinking eight glasses of water, avoid eating snacks and fatty food. Therefore, a healthy diet is incredibly significant.


The last most important thing is sleeping. An investigation states that human should normally spend 1/3 of their lifetime just on sleeping. It indicates that we have to sleep enough to let our body and brains function properly. Lack of sleep can cause a series of problems, such as declining memory, not being able to concentrate, depression and illness. Lack of sleep is also extremely harmful for teenagers who are still growing. They would not be able to grow as tall as they expect if they don’t get enough sleep. Also, they will not study well because they can’t concentrate well in class. In terms of benefits of getting enough sleep, fat people tend to lose weight more easily because they can burn more fat during sleeping. Therefore, sleeping well is very important.

In conclusion, a healthy lifestyle is significantly relevant as it can exert positive effects to our body. It is not easy to do it, but it will definitely give you an impressive impact afterwards. So, why not start doing it now?