Dissecting - The Science week

Last week at school, I found myself in a science lab... dissecting a pig's heart. It was... Well... It was a lot of fun and was DEFINITELY worthwhile. In fact, it was totally not the experience I was expecting at all! Even though it wasn't the the most pleasant experience in the world, I would SO do it again.

Dissecting a heart was probably the most smelly, disgusting and gross thing I have EVER encountered. We got to choose between a heart, eyeball or a lung. I chose a heart because it was probably the most gut-wrenching. We got some really cool surgical instruments like tweezers, scalpels, needles and scissors. At first, I wore gloves because I was totally grossed out, but then I saw my friend handling her lung bare-handed so I gave my heart a try. It felt a bit like raw beef. I used the scissors to split it in half so I could see the valves/arteries etc. I found some clotted, old blood, squishy gloopy stuff coloured yellow, cool tubes and holes.

In the middle of the heart, there was a big, wide tube/hole with arteries branching off valves and a dull red/purple dripped out of it. I was so sickened! But I also kind of got so excited that I got to the point where I was sticking my fingers in the tubes!

Eyeballs were also a popular choice. Some people cut them in half to see how the eyeball really works, but there were also some people who burst the pupil with a needle. Yes... Some people did do that.

The most yucky... Horrible... NAUSEATING organ... Was probably the lung. It was just... So... FLABBY!!! It was so light! I could pull out the airway tubes and use them as a telescope!!! Besides the fact that it was so light, it was super hard to cut. Because of the left over air, if you squeezed the lung, froth/bubbles would come out of all the tubes.

Don't remind me of the smell. GEEZ!! The smell was... was.... was OBNOXIOUS. Gosh, my hands stank to high heaven for 3 hours straight after that. It smelt like rotting, raw meat. Ugh! I was going to miss lunch, but no one can resist sweet 'n' sour chicken!!!

Well, that was an experience I will never want to face again! For any of you who ever want to dissect a pig's heart don't say I didn't warn you about the smell!