Young Enterprise- Year 10 Business Study

Enterprise week

The week before last week, we year 10s started an event, which took place in the secondary, primary and kindergarten buildings. We started planning this event two weeks before the day. We were told to separate ourselves into groups and to research the products we would be/could be selling. As soon as the groups were set up, people started researching online and creating surveys for the market of both secondary and primary. Eventually, we put all the information back together forming a list of products to sell, which we can use it as a reference while we are deciding on the products.

The week after, we decided on the products we would be selling for the Enterprise week. Therefore we divided up the work in our groups - searching on online shops, doing bakery (cup cakes, cookies), or even going out finding the appropriate products to sell in a number of places… Within two days most of the groups had their products ready for selling. Thenceforth, on the weekend, the only setout we had to prepare was the decoration for our ‘stores’. We came up with ideas like posters, wooden baskets for containing sweets… These ideas were all finished during the weekend before the ‘selling week’.

The next week, the selling of the products began. On Monday, we were told that we would have our own place to begin selling on Tuesday in the kindergarten building. On Tuesday these little kids ran towards us, but the fact that they DID NOT have money really made us a bit depressed, but we still made profits by selling those sweets and bouncy balls (this was really a popular product last year). The last few days, we were selling in the secondary and primary building, which was the period we earned most of our profits. We came up with ideas fitting secondary and primary students' interests, which we earned a lot by that (mostly food), such as ice creams, chicken nuggets, sweets…