So, it really has been a long day for the Normans today, especially for the Year 9s. After showing and playing the game with the Year Fives, we had to start working out how to execute our plans that we made on Wednesday for the closing ceremony. Some of us, went off to make props which are going to be used and others worked on the performances and the choreography.

When Ms Walsh showed us the criteria, we realized that although most parts of our plan was going to work, a few weren’t and so, we came up with a revised plan, assigned roles to everyone and began our preparation.

Some of us were working on the banner, which some people said the writing looks like Mars Bars. Let’s see what you think tomorrow. Anyways, the banner went quite smoothly and by the end of the day, all that needed to be done was finishing touches.

Others were preparing for performances for the ceremony tomorrow and to keep it as a surprise, I’m not going to write what will be in our ceremony tomorrow.

Time flies, it really does, especially when you’re trying to make things happen and soon came the end of the day and well, progress has been good and we will be ready for our first rehearsal tomorrow!