Romans Y8 Re-Filming and Final Editing

Today’s first job was re-filming scene 2.

We re-filmed everything because the quality between iphone and iPad, the sound was too low.

Simple recap of story of scene 2, the story in about Shuan trying to talk to and connect to David, the boy with autism.

Then, we started editing.

The editing was almost done, but we had to change the re-filmed scenes.

Until now, the video is almost half done, so we are on schedule.

This afternoon, we started with filming scene 5. Scene 5 is about Angelina trying to talk to David, like Shaun in scene 2.

In this scene, there was quite a lot of NGs, so it took quite long time.

The next scene was scene 6. This scene is showing David’s mind.

It doesn't have a story, but it us showing David’s confused and sad mind.

David having one last look at his script before acting another scene.

This scene is scene 1, the start of. Film. We were going to film earlier, but there were some delays...