Day 2 Normans Year 7

Day 2: Mornin'

As the challenge starts (again!), the Normans start to plan for their rehearsals and run throughs. Plus, the Normans are checking to make sure everything is OK for the rehearsals. Sounds busy!

(Everyone looks busy, chatting maybe?)

However, the Normans can't start because of the PowerPoint... They have LOST it in one of the Primary computers and they are restoring it on someone's iPad. Very minor... We hope!!!

(I think they're ready! Or not...)

The lesson starts at around 10:00-10:?? I'm not sure, but these guys can handle the Y6. After all, we were Y6 just last year...

(By the way, I can't interview the other important Normans because they are always busy! So, don't complain if I didn't interview you!)

There are some Normans that don't WANT to be included and play their iPads!

(Uh-Oh. He didn't notice me, YES!)

Meanwhile, the computer is getting connected, the Normans relax and either play their iPads or they chat about anything. Looks like they're not as busy as bees now...

(Just our leader chatting to some girls...)

After some unnecessary chatting, they start to rehearse! Finally!

(Mushabe explaining something in the lesson. Looks just like a teacher!)

(Harsh describing the Paralympics... Also looks like a teacher.)

With just a few technical and mental problems (e.g: remembering when to say something), the Stormin' Normans are ready to teach the Y6 about disabilities! I think I'm acting too overconfident, but I know they'll succeed!


Day 2: The Actual Lesson

All of their hard work and lesson planning comes down to this. They are actually going to TEACH THE Y6. I'm feeling so nervous backseat if we mess up, the Y6 will be like, "Uh, what did I just see? I thought they were older than us!" But remember, the Normans WILL WIN, so there's no point in being nervous...

(The Norms getting ready. Tension rises...)

(Looks good to me. Definitely organized and not some technical difficulties...)

(One of the activities. They're going to have fun!)

(Oh look, they're having fun! Yay!)

Tony says that he didn't expect it to be so bad! I disagree, but he says about how the games could have been more organized and stuff. I totally disagree! (Even though it's true...)

(It's time for KAHOOT!)

At the end, the lesson turned out to be great and successful! Hope they give the Norms some good ratings! (Obviously, they will.)

Day 2: Ceremony Planning!

After their tiring lesson, they crack on their next task: The Ceremony. The Norms are already in two groups. The Banner makers and the Flag makers. Together with the Y8 and Y9, they'll have to make the BEST ceremony ever!

Good luck to them!

(The Flag makers are arguing their way to making the flag...)

('Teamwork is key.' - Joshua Habos Y7A. This quote will help them...)

(The plan (another one). Not that neat, but it will work! Just like last time.)

There are more groups, so scrap the groups before...

- Marathon Guy (don't know what he/she does.)

The Crowd

Narrator (why?)

Athletes (could it have been just contestants for the Paralympics?)

Y9 act (obviously, the Y9 will act...)

Gymnastics guys (to make it look more formal and pleasing to the 'crowd'.)

With all of the KS3 Normans, we will succeed successfully! (If that make sense...)

(Using one of the art materials. Very important...indeed...)

(Alejandro just chatting with the girls. Nothing unusual.)

After the break (with everyone sweating like they went to a marathon!), the Normans crack on back to making and planning the closing ceremony. Although everyone is tired, they are still full with energy. That's how the Normans do it!

(The Normans working at their fullest.)

(Alejandro working on the Spain flag. Too bad he doesn't know the difference between the colour 'red' and 'orange'...)

And that's it, Day 2, finished! Remember, you can always comment if you want but don't say anything inappropriate, 'cause it's public chat. Not private to your friends!

Day 2's END