Year 8 Saxon's Morning

The theme of the house challenge for y8 is to challenge the way people think of people with disabilities . This topic links firmly to the paralympics.

No signs of any break through!

The y8's Saxons are still dealing with their current situation - brilliant ideas which cannot be done.

The planning of the story board, and what should be put in it, are still taking place, as the 2 main opposition parties have not yet reached agreement of the story.

The first party is the "lighting and thunder"party.

Like lighting and thunder, this party are quick at decisions , normally using instinct, or presenting a thought to the group which just flashes through their minds. The main members of this party are Harry, Ross and Juerk, and they come up with excellent ideas, but they usually do not think of the consequences and how the idea could be presented in the iMovie.

The second party Is the "realistic" party

This party have realistic ideas and disagrees with any unrealistic thoughts, and is the "thunder" party's rival.

This party's main leader is Leiah, and she strives for realistic plans and occasionally comes up with interesting ideas. She prevents unrealistic plans and goals set by the "thunder" party, and often is the trigger for a war of disagreement!

Who knows what will happen next... or if they will come to an agreement?!