Year 7 Normans Day 1

KS3 Challenge 2016: Y7-Disability

By: Joshua Habos

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Day 1: Mornin'

As the challenge starts, the boys immediately start to divide the Y7 Normans into groups. As soon as they know what to do, they started to work as hard as they can. Leadership is a big role in this challenge, and most of the boys and girls are showing it.

(All of the Stormin' Norms are doing SOMETHING. This is a great start!)

So far, here are the roles:

Lesson planners

Quiz makers

Activity planners/producers

Video producers

LEADERS for every group (duh, of course you're gonna need some...

(Mushabe, leading the girls. Hope they're not chatting!)

(I think they're making a video, judging by the green stuff on the left. Not the plant, FYI)

(Aaryan havin' fun on a wheelchair. Doesn't he look cool?)

(The plan. There isn't any plan B, so if we mess up on this plan, we're stuffed!)

Hope they succeed in the making of the lesson! Also hope we win!

(Obviously, we'll win. Of course!)

Day 1: Afternoon

After a long and relaxing break, the Normans start to rehearse their lesson.

The Norms are still as busy as before and everyone is STILL doing SOMETHING. Maybe I'll stop wondering if they are faking, or not? I think they have the feeling that the Norms might win...

(Not busy bees, but busy Norms!)

It was a long day, yet they are STILL all doing SOMETHING. Wow, they are as busy as bees...

Day 1: Late Afternoon (END of Day 1)

What a tiring day for us Normans! Meanwhile, I'm recording what everyone is doing, the others are working extremely hard to make this lesson work. Everyone was doing SOMETHING and that has made the amazing Norman lesson about disability work well. Even the run throughs were OK! Good work Normans! (but you could have done better... Just joking!)

Some stuff that we worked on today:

(One of the activities, I guess.)

(The PowerPoint, of course. 'Cause we need it, duh.)

(Some worksheets for the Y6. Looks great!)

There's nothing really for me to explain, so I'll have to end Day 1 here! Thanks for reading and remember to comment on this! However, please don't swear, curse or say anything inappropriate in the comment section 'cause, you know, it's public. Duh.

Day 1's END.