Romans Filming Extravaganza!

Today’s plan - Getting ideas & Making storyboard

Quote for the day: "Don't stand by... Just ask"

Today, Year 8 Romans were gathering ideas for our video. Every single person took part.

Our year group watched videos, gathered information and did basic research to find out basic ideas and facts that we wanted to use in our video.

Our group's basic storyboard was all about Autism. We finished this during period 2, so we are totally on schedule.

The basic plot is about 'David' a child with autism and today is his first day of school...

Our Team's First Filming

At first, we thought that we would be able to finish very quickly because the 1st scene wasn't that long, but actually, the filming took quite long, so we decided to use another way to film our video...

We decided it was better to use a script rather than improvise. This is our script for scene 1. By using a script we were able to finish filming much more quickly!