Travel The World


Where do you guys wanna go to most in this entire world? If I could go anywhere in would be NYC. Just imagine going shopping in New York… Like going to Chanel and buying the most craziest perfume and spraying it all over the place… and then starting to cough because it smells too strong. YEAH! NYC is perfect place to go.

I would also like to go to Bora Bora (It's in the Middle of the ocean if you didn't know). It's this beautiful island🌴. If I had to picture the best day of my life is would be (drum roll please) - sitting in a lounge chair, reading a book and staring at beautiful summer waves 🌊. Just imagining the impossible. FYI Bora Bora looks like this ->

Just last week, I went to δ»ŽεŒ– (it's famous for its hot springs). We went to a hotel Called BiQuan Air & Spring, they had whirl pools, ginger hot springs and Indonesian fish therapy. It was an amazing holiday.

So far, in Europe, I've only been in Paris and Berlin, most countries I just pass through. If I count how many places I've passed through… I couldn't even remember half of them.

Personally, I don't mind that so much as I love flying. Meeting new people, seeing people you know, watching new movies but the worst part for me is the kids/babies on the plane. The last time I flew I was actually sitting right next to a baby… NEXT TO IT!! The plane ride was 11 hours and I only slept 10 minutes (I got on the plane at 6pm and got off at 5am) and it sucked because it cried all night😒. Just a tip for when you travel, download some of your favourite music before flying, this tip has saved my from boredom too many times and if I'd had it then, I could have plugged in my headphones and ignored the baby's wails!

One thing I don't like about flying is the DISGUSTING FOOD. I mean you pay a lot to just get on the plane I'd be happy if you just give me a cheap cheese burger πŸ” - I won’t complain. But the stuff you get now is gross. If anybody who works in a airport ever reads this, please know that this is a serious problem, no matter how comfortable your seats are, your food could at least be better.

Stay tuned for more up coming blogs or vlogs!!