Nice To Meet You!

Hi! I’m Emilie, but most people call me Em Or Emmie. I was a blogger for the last term's magazine and this is the last term I will be writing for the school magazine and I want to make the best of it. This is the 8th year I have been in this school and I’m only in year 7. I know what you're thinking… “You're super boring…” Well, I haven't even started explaining.

Hello, it's me… again. I'm 12 years old and I’m different from most people. I’ve travelled a lot: I’ve been to France, Spain, Sweden, Russia and many other places - there really are too many to count. I moved to China just before my 3rd birthday after being in Sweden, Denmark and Finland and I’ve been at BSG ever since. There are some people that I have known since the the day I came to BSG, like Anna Means, Sitara Bhojwani, William Su and Terry Chan. From reception to Secondary, I’ve watched people come and go, some I miss a lot…

This term I will blog or vlog every other week so you can stay tuned to hear more… I do eavesdrop a little just a little….. actually…a lot.