Is Being A Teen Really That Hard?

Advice about the trials and tribulations about becoming a teen from our columnists.

Becoming a 'Teen' is something that some students look forward to and others absolutely dread. Two of our columnists write their thoughts on what it is like to be a teen and what it is like waiting to become one!

Hui Ying Year 12


The clock within our hearts rang: “ding, dong, ding, dong”. It’s finally here.

* * *

I’ve heard children agonizing over “I can’t wait until I’m a teenager! How nice it must be…” Maybe you would think being a teenager is a great thing, a time for your “debut” too, but to be honest, I don’t think so.

It is possible that you would have heard this phrase from your parents quite often: “You are a grown up now, you should be able to take care or decide for yourself.” This sudden transition from childhood to being a teenager (or adolescence) is considerably shocking; the limits of your parents’ expectation gauge rises abruptly, yet at the same time, we are getting the freedom that we so long for – independence! However, with this comes more responsibility: we are expected to act accordingly to what is appropriate to society, there isn’t anyone besides ourselves to guide us anymore (maybe occasionally). So, that little freedom we receive is also a time of great trial for us.

Some parents or teachers say: “this period of time could affect your future”, and in a sense it is true. I agree. We now face a huge amount of pressure and have to learn to balance what we like to do with what is actually good for us. For example, I’ve seen the age of social media and technology flooding through the world, even toddlers are handling high-technological smartphones in their tiny hands, not to mention teenagers! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…etc. are essentially my past-time remedy, but having been given prior sessions regarding social network privacy and most recently, university and work experience talks, it seems my remedy turns out to be a landmine… I have to think about every image and every word that I place online. It is no longer a game of easy chat and banter with my friends.

Going back to the talk of being a teenager - yes, we might go crazy sometimes, but I believe we do have considerations and thoughts in our minds at the same time. I’m at the age where University and how I map out my future matters, which means that social media could either be a bliss or a disaster to me. In job interviews, interviewers are most likely to ask for your private social networking, like Facebook and guess what…YES, they do check, and depending on your activities, it will very likely decide your future.

So, being a teenager isn’t exactly bad, I assure you. It is still the time where your freedom still enables your creativity, personality or what makes you who you are, to grow, for you to grow as a person, with your friends and peers. However, just beware of the events or groups of people around you, as this is the time where not only you, but also everyone would be chasing for the same ultimate goals!

Sitara Year 7

I think with all the frustrations and other things that go on in a teenagers' mind all you grumpy, moody, irritable teenagers forget why being a teenager is great ! Well, here's a reminder...

Adolescence is a great time of you life because it's when we begin to blossom as people and learn to take care of your self and have the right to make your own decisions. When you're a teenager you gain more maturity which can help you to make the right decisions: to think before you act. I understand the idea that as you grow older your parents expect more from you, but look on the bright side, you can show off your talent and even find the hidden ones.

Being a teenager means you get more freedom. You know, in primary school you can't talk while walking in the corridor and other such little rules that make life boring and hard. But being a teenager is... well, amazing, because it's only a few years and then it will be gone. And most of all, it is interesting because you get to know who you really are.

So... Being a teenager is not so bad after all!