Julliard Visits BSG

School orchestra undergoes rigorous training to prepare for performance

The school orchestra has been growing ever since it was founded, and one of the big milestones in the orchestra’s performance was having a performance at Tai Koo Hui over Christmas last year. On most Thursdays, both primary and secondary students who are members of the orchestra, undergo rigorous training in order to prepare themselves for their next performance, and to better their skills. Their rehearsal starts during ASA time, and lasts until 6p.m. when the sky is dark and the school is mostly empty.

This week the school had the privilege of having a visitor, Andrea Lee. Andrea is a professional cellist from Julliard - one of the most well known music schools in America. During her self-introduction, Andrea revealed that she had originally lived with her parents in Korea, and she moved to the US later. She had been playing the cello since she was 5, outside of school and it wasn’t until she went to university and studied History when she decided to learn the cello more formally. Now, she writes a curriculum for music students at Julliard.

During the session, Andrea focused on getting each instrument in the orchestra to blend in with one another. Even though she is a cello player, Andrea focused not only on string players, but also explained to wind and brass players how to allow their notes to blend in with the rest of the orchestra. Not only that, she gave each student a chance to lead the sections, and even the youngest member, Preston from Year 4 performed admirably.