Middle School Volleyball Championships

Middle School Volleyball Championships - Pearl River Conference Hosted by Shekou International School at Shekou Sports centre Saturday 5th March 2016

Team: Jazzie Greenhill (captain), Sanne Hoffman, Caitlyn Yap, Tracy Chen, Candy Liu, Eunis Cheung, Karina Chiang. The girls played three games in the pool stages.

1) CGS v BSG 2) BSG v ISD 3) BSG v SIS 2 - 0 2 - 0 2 - 0 Loss Win Win 26 - 24 25 - 9 25 - 22 25 - 12 25 - 10 25 - 17

The team's performance gradually improved with each game on court. Their increased confidence and team cohesion lead to increasing standards of performance.

The BSG girls finished off Pool B in 2nd place out of four teams, which qualified them to play the number one team from pool A in the semi finals, which happened to be QSI. QSI v BSG (semi finals) 1 - 2 Win 21 - 25 25 - 21 12 - 15

Delighted to be in the semi finals, the girls went into the first set showing some fantastic displays of teamwork.

Sanne and Karina put pressure on the opponents with some big serves. Meanwhile Jazzie, Candy and Caitlyn picked up some excellent balls as they got around the court. Tracy surprised the opponents with some super spikes. Eunice and Karina, who were fairly new to the team proved and exceeded themselves in all aspects of their play and proved essential members of the team.

The girls really took control from the start and played very consistently and conservatively: They maintained an excellent performance during a very intense neck-and-neck game. The final score reflected their determination and spirit within the game.

The team showed great physical skills, but also played with determination, effort, attitude and most importantly - passion. Three words describe this game well: exhilarating, exhausting and epic. It went to a third set and girls won two sets to one.

Awesome volleyball! BSG v CGS (final) 0 - 2 (25-19 / CGS) (25-15 / CGS) Loss

The girls battled hard in each set and started well leading the first set ahead, however, the CSG side came back and earned their position ahead. Some excellent overarm serving was difficult to pass and unfortunately, they caught us out too many times. CGS were a strong team and deserved the victory.

Overall, the BSG girls came away from the final with no regrets and feeling elevated about their achievements. Their actions and skilful play exceeded their own expectations and all credit goes to them for their ambitious and respectful attitudes on court.

We came away with a spectacular silver trophy and a deeper understanding and appreciation for the beautiful game that we call volleyball.