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Who We Are

We are a small, mysterious group of students and together with our teacher, we’re going to document what goes on in school. We want to hear from students (you!) so that what we publish represents the voice of students. You won’t know who we are until you’re officially part of the team...


Just kidding... Read below to find out all about us! 

Erin is a organized person and fun to be with. She's always on the look out for juicy stories on teachers and students. She'll also put the most effort she can into all her stories and meeting deadlines. She looks forward to her stories being published and bringing smile, if not, spark an idea in people.
BSG Times Profile
Hi, I'm Helen and I'm currently in year 9. You might describe me as a very positive and honest person and I tend to influence those around me. In BSG Times, I would like to get some honest feedback on my articles. This is my second year in BSG Times and I hope you could learn more about me through my work.
My name is Ben in 7A, I am twelve years old. I like to read, write, play badminton and iPad games. My favorite book is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and favorite subject is History. I joined this ASA because I like to write about things I like and also because I want to do something that is challenging.
Ms Walsh
Ms Walsh is our teacher in charge. As it is a student voice magazine, she is here mostly for administration purposes and to do the boring slug work of uploading content... Although from time to time, she does like to bully a little more work out of the team ;)
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Join Our Team

We need YOU! As we said, this is magazine that is going to represent the voice of the students, and that’s where you come in… Not only will we be interviewing for someone to come in and take over the role of editor, we also need journalists, students interested in web-design, vloggers, bloggers, reviewers, quiz masters and interviewers…


Students can apply for any role within the magazine by emailing Ms Walsh at


By joining our team, you can write about your opinions on what goes on in school, improve your communication skills and have something great to add to that university application!


Interested? Contact us at to find out more.

What We do

The school used to publish print copies of the magazine, but we now have decided to publish online instead (eco-friendly, we can update whenever we want and it’s free too!) Instead of publishing two editions each year, we are now able to write about each event as it happens and add it to the student voice website. The website is still new, but with time and contribution, it’ll become the place where students and teachers alike can find out about the latest happenings at BSG.