Humans of BSG; your stories, thoughts and words of wisdom... 


Harsh Verdia: We were doing improvisations and one of my friends said to my other friends: 'I love you, come kiss me!' so my other friend was like 'No! go away.'


Vasco DeSousa: I love how I can't keep a pen or pencil for more than a week at BSG

Lucy Chen

Lucy: I think it's funny how non-Australians think they can get an Australian accent just by saying 'put another shrimp on the Barbie.' Please stop copying my accent!


Justin Li and Nyas Hafis: I was using a MacBook but I couldn't log on so I went to the IT room and I saw Justin. I thought he worked there because he wasn't wearing uniform. I thought he was the boss of the IT guys!

Mr Joyce: "As flies to wanton boys are we to th' gods. They kill us for their sport." Last holiday I had a great trip around China. We drove from Guangzhou to Guilin, got a speeding fine on the way. And then I went to the countryside in Shanxi. We wanted motorbikes, but no one would hire any to us, so I brokered a deal to buy one. Then we rode those around, had a good time. But no one would buy them back off us, so we gave them to a pregnant woman.


Daniel Jeon: People told me year 13 would be easier than year 12, but after my first week in year 13 I'm mentally destroyed. I won't trust any other teachers anymore


Alex Cox: “All you need is one teacher, one pupil, one pen and one sheet of paper to change the world” I had a cat called ‘Tangawisi.’ We found it when it got stuck in our garden after it had been chased by a dog. One evening, the cat was coming back from the park - it had been chased by some boys who thought it was funny and it ran out into the road and was hit by a car. It was the first emotional loss of my life. It was really heartbreaking.


Xiaoting Xie: “Where there is a will, there is a way”My favourite book is Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. It’s about a man in a submarine who travels under the sea. He goes to many different places, like the Red Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. He witnesses many ecological systems and sees things floating around him. I read it when I was about twelve and it opened a new world for me, full of the fantastical and exotic.


Neil: "It's better to be hated for something that you did, than to be loved for something you didn't." I like that we get a whole hour off school for lunch as it means we get to have free time and play. On the whole I pretty much like school.


Fanny: "Failure is the other half of success." My favourite ASA is cooking club because I love cooking. For a subject I like Chemistry the best. Many people think it's too difficult, but I just don't find it that hard.


Angela: "If you want a rainbow, you have to deal with the rain." Prom was magnificent. The hotel was splendid and the food was irresistible. It was my last prom with BSG because I am moving to Singapore next year, which is very sad!

Polina: "Life is a dream" Nihal: "Be ready to fail." We tripped our friend. We put our leg out. What happened to her was she went sideways. She tumbled into the lockers, which was funny. Luckily she thought so too!

Lilyana Greig

Lilyana: I absolutely love tennis as its an amazing way for me to release my anger. My idol, Serena Williams is one of the best players and I believe Serena can beat any opponent she goes against.

Ms Giles

Embarrassing Experience I was on a trip to Mongolia and I had to wrestle a Y9 student. The Y9 student won. She smashed me so hard that I fell onto the ground with my legs flying over my head.

Mr Yu

“I don’t believe in talent, only hard work” I chose this quote because it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, everyone should live by it. An Interesting Thing About China The food and how different people are to home, but similar in other ways as well. One Thing I Would Like to Change About BSG More hours learning languages!

Mr Ng

“Do what you love to do” I chose this quote because it’s important to do what you love, instead of always thinking money is everything. One Thing I Would Like to Change About BSG Better pest/bug control. Advice I Would Give to the Students of BSG To make you enjoy the path you are on.

Mr Drake

“Every day is a school day” I chose this quote because every day you learn something new. An Interesting Thing About China The people here. Advice I Would Give to the Students of BSG To work hard and enjoy yourself.

Mr Hughes

“Just do it!” I chose this quote because I’m trying to get fit and run every day, but there’s always a reason no to do it. For example, the weather’s not good or maybe I’m not feeling like doing it. This slogan is extremely motivating; it helps me get going. Embarrassing Experience I told my hair dresser in Spanish that my onion wasn’t working, instead of saying that my brain wasn’t working. Due to the similarity between the two words. One Thing I Would Like to Change About BSG Though I love