Nicole Xie
Mar 9, 2017

New Album - Divide by Ed Sheeran


Edited: Mar 9, 2017


As a personally admitted Sheerio, this was a treat I've been wait for the longest time. The previously released 'Shape of You' and 'Castle on the Hills' had been a hurricane, sweeping off the 1st and 2nd of 128 countries' iTune top chart. Not to mention that it hit Spotify's highest media flow in one day, breaking the record of Adele's 'Hello'. It is a true miracle that someone 26 could have such accomplishments.

What can you expect in this new album then? Well, nothing really, just the lovely tone of the heartbreaking acoustics and piano, accompanied with amazing rap that will blow you to the floor, whilst made with the diversity of Africa, Europe and Irish tone combined for the sparkles of passion. This is not album fillers made in one week. Every song was carefully thought out, discussed and edited before even the title of the album was revealed to public. So as a Sheerio, I was not disappointed.

- What do I know?


One of the highlights for me in the album was the song 'What do I know?'. The simple sound of acoustics convey the simple message Ed Sheeran was trying to get across - in this world of professionals and expert, what could one like Ed Sheeran say about the world? Someone who did not finish college and a degree instead spending years in a bar singing about heartbreaks - what could they say about life? It reflects how people's thought and voice were unheard in the sea of mediums, the most notable the 2016 US Election. It also (kind of) made me glad that the best songs were not always love songs, since the world has many sides, not just the side of honeyed romance.


I'll also recommend some of Ed's other work - The A Team and Photograph if you are looking for a meaningful song, or You need me, I don't need you if you want something more exciting and rhythmic - they are all great. Personally, I would say the song 'I see fire' resonate with me deeply. The ancient echoes of the mountains and eye of the mist, you can see where the appeal come from.

No parental guidance, so you can download it as you wish. Though it is a smack bit expensive on QQ Music - ¥18.00, to be exact - but I can be your insurance if you don't like it. However, I must claim you as an unmusical nut-bag for not liking his songs. You wouldn't regret it. Click Here To Buy

P.S. Trust me. Listen to Happier. See? You look happier, you do.

(I'm sorry but this is actually a heartbreaking song)


Check Out Ed's Youtube Channel Here

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    Jun 2, 2017

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