Feb 28, 2018

The Tomorrow Code Book Review


Tane is a 14 years old boy and Rebecca is a 14 years girl who can get top place in most of the subjects. They argue with each other a lot but they are the best friends. One day, Tane get the idea of making a machine that can receive messages from the future while arguing. With Rebecca's help, he succeeds to make the machine and they get a message from the future. The message was written in moss code but they figured out what that means –it was SOS message! They found out that the message was from future themselves so they decided to follow the instruction from the messages and save the wolrd.


The tomorrow code is a book that has unpredictable story so it keeps you turnind the pages. As Tane and Rebecca figure out the meaning of messages from the future and try to save the future world, the face lots of problems. This makes the story more interesting to read because it makes you to guess how the characters will solve the problems and makes you imagine what will happen next.


Although I like this book so much, there are some aspects that I did not like. One of them is: when Tane and Rebecca went to an island in the midnight to find out what the problem is, their parents didn't even notice they weren't at home. Maybe this is possible but even when they didn't come back home for few days(they were trying yo save the problem and save world), their parents didn't really say anything. I think this is quite unrealistic because in real life, none of the parents will say nothing if their children were missing for few days. In addition, I didn't like the ending of it– I couldn't really agree with the characters' thoughts and feelings in the last scene of the story.


Although I think some parts in this book are not realistic, I think this science fiction is good for younger teenagers to read. You can learn some scientific vocabularies, such as 'Gamma rays', while reading the adventure of Tane and Rebecca. The genre of this book might not be your favourite genre but I would recommend you to try read 'The Tomorrow Code' because I enjoyed reading this fiction a lot even though I don't like science fiction books. I would give this 8 out of 10



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