Feb 26, 2018

Shapeshifter: finding the Fox


The book Shapeshifter: Finding the Fox is a book written by Ali Sparks, with an ATOS level of 6.0, it’s suitable for children age between 9 to 14. The adventure story of Dax Jones will certainly be exiting and ambitious.


Dax Jones, an ordinary boy, has strike the trigger leading him to an extraordinary life. One day, when petrified and nearly died due to thirst, he inexplicably turned into a Fox. After he had been discovered, he settled in a school with other children with special abilities, he started to wonder, not realizing that his life is in danger, the darkness and viciousness hiding behind those charming and kind masks of his principle...


Undoubtedly, Dax will be my favorite character. He’s brave, to risk his life to save someone he dislikes; he is warm and bright, to always look forward, to encourage his friend and choose who to trust with the help of his animal instinct. I disliked how the kind figures in the book all turned out to be cold blooded and even disregarded for human life.


I recommend this book because of its details provided scattered like puzzle pieces, but it’s astonishing when you figured out the truth.

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    I would really recommend this book because it has life lessons it tells you that no matter what race you are no matter what religion you are you can be friend.
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