Feb 27, 2018

Ready player one


According to the competition of the book of the month, ready player one is the winner in the January of 2018. This book’s genre is fiction and fantasy. The book is about a young man called Wade Watts played a game, “ OASIS “, which is created by an old man , James Halliday. The reason why he created this game because he need someone to continue his property and job. This book come from USA and the author is Ernest Cline.


My favorite character in this book is Wade Watts, because he felt boring for the whole world, except the game that created by James Halliday, OASIS. He got interested in this game, because he can create his on avatar as handsome as he like, and he would like to win the competition to get rich, or else he will still be a poor man for the whole lifetime.


However, I don’t like the part that a company want to kill Wade Watts to prevent him to win this competition. The company knew he got the ability to win the competition, so the company use the plan of killing Wade Watts.


I would recommend young adult around 11-13 years old to read this book and I would give the rating of 9 to this book.

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