Feb 26, 2018

Ready Player One


Ready Player One


It is 2045 and the world is a swamp. The only time Wade Watts gets to escape reality is in the virtual utopia known as The OASIS. He has made it his job to uncover the games developer's easter egg of massive power and authority.

Will he make it?


I like this book because it is extremely well thought out each puzzle having a theme of 80's pop culture.The story really kept me involved with me guessing the riddles and puzzles with Wade.I love the books fighting scenes as they are extremely daring with all sorts of weapons from anti-matter nukes to phaser guns it's all my imagination in one place.


I love this book there is nothing that in can say to criticise this book it is a five star 10/10 book.



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    Nov 5

    Year 11 tracking their thoughts and ideas about the text 'Ruby Holler' by Sharon Creech
  • aydine.aziz
    Aug 31, 2018

    I would really recommend this book because it has life lessons it tells you that no matter what race you are no matter what religion you are you can be friend.
  • kevin.bechstein
    Aug 31, 2018

    It a great book about a little boy named August pulllman. He has a diease that make his face deformed and look bad. The story is mainy about he with his deformed face going to school and actually making friends. I like this book because it is very real life and interesting.