Mar 3, 2018

Out of depths


This is story is mainly talking about dead people but Tyler keeps on seeing people that are dead. She wants to stop thing about them and have a new fresh start in her new school but it’s getting worst and worst, and it’s all because a boy who was trying to tell her something...and Tyler didn’t know what is he trying to tell and thought why will he be still alive when he should be dead. That person is Ben Kincaid, who let Tyler thinks he always sits at the end of the classroom.

My favorite character is Tyler because she is a very interesting and special character in this own story and everything is miserable to her.

I think the part I dislike is there are too many things talking about blood and deaths and it’s not really good for small kids to read.

This book I will suggest to the kids around 11-14 because it is not good if the younger kids reading these bloody stories and I think around that age (11-14) it is alright to let them read it and might found them interesting and fun.

I will rate this book 8/10

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    Aug 31, 2018

    I would really recommend this book because it has life lessons it tells you that no matter what race you are no matter what religion you are you can be friend.
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    Aug 31, 2018

    It a great book about a little boy named August pulllman. He has a diease that make his face deformed and look bad. The story is mainy about he with his deformed face going to school and actually making friends. I like this book because it is very real life and interesting.