Feb 26, 2018

Book review-Sideways stories from Wayside school


Book review-Sideways Stories from Wayside School


This book is about 30 different small stories from the student and teacher in Wayside school.All of it was very fun and interesting to read about.The stories are full of magic and easy to read because the AR point of this point is very low.


My favorite character of this book is John because he was a very funny character in this book.This book doesn't keep me guessing because every 2-5 page,it start a new story.My favorite part of the book is the 17th story-Sammy(which is a mouse )Because at that part,I have the same feeling as the others characters in this book.


The only part I dislike about this book is that all the stories are too short.Maybe the writer can include 2 or 3 longer stories in this book.


If I recommend the type of readers that will be interesting to this book,I will recommend younger readers.Because in this book ,all of the words that appear in this book is all very straight forward to understand.If you read the set of 'the diary of the wimpy kid ',you will love this book very much.


If I give this book a rate out of ten, I will give a six.

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