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May 2, 2019

Chapter 3


Walking though the crowded halls was difficult but Isabel got to the form room. Inside, all tables were full except for one, where she decided to sit at alone. A few minutes later two girls walked though the door and started to walk towards her. “Hey! My name is Kitty and this is Kathryn,” said Kitty who was a tall girl with shoulder length hair and Kathryn was a short girl with blonde long hair and light blue glasses. “So, what is your name?” asked Kathryn with a vo...

October 9, 2018


Isabel is a very special girl and she is very different from a normal eleven year old in—fact she is not like anyone on Earth. What nobody sees is that she has a great secret that leaves her empty. You see, Isabel has no emotions. She has a younger brother named Oscar who does not know of her pain. Her family is a mess with her mother (Jane) and her father (Graham) not seeing eye to eye so the fight often yet they don’t know how their bickering hurts their daughter. That is,...

May 8, 2018

Life is a journey,

An incomparable journey,

A fusion of ups and downs,

Tears and smiles,

Love and hate,

Break-ups and relationships.

Despite all of this, 

There are some special people we meet in life,

Those unforgettable, lovely people who leave their exquisite footprints on your heart, 

They were never meant to be in your life permanently,

But being part just temporarily, they teach you valuable lessons which no-one else can.

Be thankful for those beautiful hearts, you’ll look back and love th...

The whole school was in a sort of maddened frenzy throughout the next few weeks.  Students were buzzing about the murder, teachers were frantically trying to keep things quiet, and parents were demanding that they took the students out of the school for the sake of their children's safety.

Of course, there was a massive media leak, and during the few following days there were journalists and news reporters, all battling it out to get the freshest information. 

"That's another one gone,"...

It was the janitor that discovered him. 

He was there, lying there on the floor, behind his desk, lifeless. His fanciful shirt creases were smothered in his blood. It seemed as though he had been repeatedly stabbed by somebody so full of hatred, of bitterness and contempt. Nobody liked Principal Cedar; he had a reputation of being seclusive and rather grouchy, punishing student after student for minor mistakes - but that didn't mean that anybody hated him enough to murder him out of co...

June 2, 2017

The next morning, Nina woke up to the soft chirping of birds. She groaned as she turned around in her sleeping bag. Her back was aching and her head was throbbing. Nina had had a restless night, constantly thinking about what was going to happen. She had woken up multiple times during the night due to a mortifying nightmare.

After countless attempts to fall asleep again, Nina decided to get up and go to wash. She gathered her bag from the foot of her sleeping bag, and headed quietly ou...

May 16, 2017

It was blatantly obvious, now that she thought of it.

Eleanor had gazed in awe at the way the auburn leaves floated to the ground and disappeared. She had loved the way that the trees had climbed high enough for Eleanor to look up and see a sky of green, but not so high that she couldn't see the ceiling.  No sand ever stayed on the iced ponds that dotted the place. No leaves ever touched the sand. And Eleanor felt so, so stupid for not realising it earlier.

Everything had a place...


April 20, 2017

The next day followed without further interesting events. Apart from the usual routine of Professor Manner flirting with Professor Florence in the hall between classes, nothing happened. Today Nina was rather excited for the school day to end because at 5:02pm she had martial arts / weapon training. Nina was training in two double sided spears. The times at this school were very precise. As soon as Nina entered the fighting hall, the light went out. "Oh no." Nina muttered. Her thought...

April 13, 2017


It's everywhere.

My face, my hands, my legs,

My eyes.

It dripping.

Sliding down my cheeks.

I can no longer feel.

I only know.

Know that it's there.

I don't want it there.

It'll only remind me of,

Of what I've done.

Just go away.


All this blood,

I can't handle it.

I want it to go away.


Vanish, perish, evaporate.

Just be gone.

My eyes widen.

The blood keeps dripping,

From my eyes.

Bleeding from my tear ducts.

This is wrong.

I'm not crying,

I'm bleeding.

I no longer remember,

Remember why...

March 23, 2017

Wandering out into the cold, outside world, she began to realise what a horrible idea it was to leave her mother's fur coat on the hanger. She trailed her bare feet in the snow, shivering in the piercing, polar weather. 

Looking up, she realised just how late it was. A full moon hung in the darkness that was the sky. It illuminated the stars around it, making it almost...sparkle. 

Eleanor furrowed her brow. She wasn't exactly the most "out-going" person in the world. Of course, she...

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