May 11, 2016


Day 3: Mornin'

As the day starts, the Norms split into two groups: one will practice their performance and the other will continue to make the props.

(The Normans get some fresh air. Well, fresher air.)




At least...

May 6, 2016

By the end of today, Y8 Normans had finish the whole movie and were starting to get ready for tomorrow's closing ceremony, and we knew that in Normans, every year group is going to have 'something' to show. I thi...

So, it really has been a long day for the Normans today, especially for the Year 9s. After showing and playing the game with the Year Fives, we had to start working out how to execute our plans that we made on We...

Day 2: Mornin'

As the challenge starts (again!), the Normans start to plan for their rehearsals and run throughs. Plus, the Normans are checking to make sure everything is OK for the rehearsals. Sounds busy!



May 5, 2016

Before lunch we went to the primary basketball court to continue to record what we have done before break. 



Then after that we went to the secondary library to plan what should we do for the closing ceremony tom...

 Trophies ready for the year 5s.

 Trying out the game again.


 The year 5s are split into two teams as opposed to the previous 4, as we did not have enough year 5s. 



Three... Two... One... The game has starte...

May 5, 2016

Before break we went to record some more parts of the video and then we went to the library to plan what to do next and to record the voice for the next part. 




Then we went to the secondary basketball court to...

May 5, 2016

KS3 Challenge 2016: Y7-Disability

By: Joshua Habos

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Day 1: Mornin'

As the challenge starts, the boys immediately start to divide the Y7 Normans into groups. As soon as they know what to do, the...

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