June 5, 2018

Nowadays, one can see 'love yourself' commercials and campaigns everywhere. On billboards, magazines, social media and everywhere else. They always say the same thing: 'ignore what everybody else says about you,...

June 2, 2017

We all have times where we find ourselves thinking our parents as irritating beings and people we can't stand. Thinking that they can't understand us, that they don't try to comprehend our way of thinking and hel...

April 20, 2017

Do you find yourself: constantly procrastinating? Always being paranoid about almost everything? Easily irritated or angered? Becoming incredibly aggressive? Being tense all the time? Continuously tired? Not bein...

April 13, 2017


It's everywhere.

My face, my hands, my legs,

My eyes.

It dripping.

Sliding down my cheeks.

I can no longer feel.

I only know.

Know that it's there.

I don't want it there.

It'll only remind me of,

Of what I've done.


March 2, 2017

I've always,


Envied them. 

The ones with the wings. 

Angels, Devils, Dragons, Griffons

the Phoenix, the Pegasus and many more.

I envied their freedom, independence,

Possible of escape from the stress, the pressur...

March 2, 2017

My dear angel,

The one that is beyond my grasp. 

The one that stands leagues above me.

The one that shines so bright, 

It blinds me. 

Why are so you so far away from my reach?

Your wings white as snow.

Bright as the sun...

February 21, 2017

Because a bit of art is soothing to the eyes. 

Because I will become a canvas. 

Because I will no longer be blank and boring. 

Because it's intimidating. 

Because I enjoy the pain. 

Because I can represent the rebels....

October 25, 2016

When my mother announced that I would be changing schools, I was quite shocked. Shocked by the fact that I would be suddenly changing schools after being in AISG for six years. I was furious at first, not underst...

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