Over the course of last week, you were asked to submit questions that explored things that you were curious about. Questions both test your knowledge of the subject and forces you to look deep into your mind so you understand what you don't understand.

Listed below are the questions you posed. Use the comment boxes to answer, respond or discuss these questions in your own way.

General Questions

How will these cards be answered?

What will we do if terrorists attack our school?

Why did curiosity kill the cat?

Why does Mr Joyce leave his pens upside down?

What is my next Birthday present?

Is Winter coming? Will Daenerys die in child birth?

Will the ball brothers all make it to the NBA?

Why do we need money in our life?


Do you know who first completed the game Pacman?

How does technology change over the years?


What is the proportion of Germanic, Romanic, Celtic, Greek words in English? 

Is this question a question? 

Why are butterflies called butterflies? 


Where is the end of the universe?

Is there anything smaller than a lepton?

How was the cosmos (space) formed?

Why is the sky blue?

Is Planet X (Nibiru) real!?! And is it going to collide with Earth?

Quantum Mechanics?

What is the world made of?

How is the universe created?


Will humans become extinct?

How to make a nuclear bomb?


Why do we go to school?

Will Romans win Sport's Day?

Why are we not allowed to check phones during break and lunch? 

Why do we have so many exams? 

Why are teachers wearing 'Alice in Wonderland' stuff around Secondary school? 

What is the point of wearing uniform?

Life & Death

Why are some people more motivated than others? 

Are you happy today? 

How am I going to look in the next 10 years? 

Why is hair such a big issue? 

What do I do after 20? 

Will I change school again? 

Why do people die?

Can we live again after we die?

What does it feel like dying? 

Why do we die and live? 

How to live forever?

Were humans designed to live for only 70-80 years? 

What happens after we die? 

Do we start another life after we die?

Where do we go when we die? 

What is after our life? 

What is the opportunity cost of life? 


Is there another me? Where?

Do you know the answer to the Universe? 

What is soul? 

Does DNA provide proof of a 'creator' of all life on earth? 

What is everything? 

To be or not to be?

What is the meaning of life? 

What makes life a life? 

Does DNA make you, you? Or make you human? 

Who am I? 

Why do I feel so left out? 

Are we living in a simulation?

Are we the only thing in space? Or are we being stalked by extra terrestrials? 

Do we live in the past or do we live in the future? 

Who are you and who am I? 

How do we know what we know? 


What is infinity?

Who was the first person that made Maths? 

What is 0/0?

What is Pi? How long is it?